Trust England to put a dampner on it

The past two days has seen some excellent games, and some shock results. France being outclassed by the Mexicans, Argentina making mincemeat of South Korea, Greece somehow managing to beat Nigeria, Germany losing after some dodgy refereeing, Slovenia almost becoming the first team to qualify for the next round, with the USA coming back to all but take the lead.

So I was looking forward to the England-Algeria game.

Serves me right, eh? We were rubbish, they were not that brilliant. Their keeper was all over the place and still we couldn’t get past him. Barry was one of the bright spots on the team. Johnson had a very good defensive game, Defoe came on to try and shake things up. But the big names were just not up to it. Gerrard looked lost out there, Rooney was just unable to put the ball down on his first touch.

A truly poor performance. And now England are behind the USA and need to win the next game. On the last two games, whoever they meed in round 2 look like being too strong.

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