Frank of Horsham loses his job

Another story concerning the nearby town of Horsham…

Francis Maude has been sacked as Chairman of the Tory Party. At the same time David ‘Two Brains’ Willets has been moved away from the Schools brief. That is understandable, as it was a suggestion by him to continue current Party policy concerning Grammar schools caused a major stir (because the ‘old guard’ thought that the policy from over 30 years ago was still in place, despite the Thatcher government seeing more grammars close than any other).

But what has Frank done, or not done, to deserve his fate? Will he be able to spend more time with the currently moribund* ‘Campaign for Pease Pottage Hospital’?

*moribund in that it appears to have done nothing for over six months apart from be used as a leafleting campaign by the local Tories. They haven’t even updated their ‘Proposal Document’ to correct the spelling mistakes yet, let alone unveil any more of the plans, which we were told were a mere matter of a bit of effort on the part of Henry Smith and Francis Maude

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