Another CiF piece

I had another article published on CiF today. Now that the site is up, I can link to it: The law of Average Joes

Again, the title wasn’t mine (I prefer mine – “Let us all vote in parliament”), and the standfirst was added in.

As it went up while I was at work, I wasn’t able to respond to the comments until I got home, but that gave me the opportunity to produce a longer answer

I have also seen one response elsewhere – ‘average_joe/common ‘tator where I think they call me a potato. They definitely call the piece ‘half-arsed’. I spent ages on that, and they didn’t even read it properly as far as I can tell.

Fame, fortune, beer!

I didn’t think that they’d go for it, but I got an article published on the Guardian’s Comment Is Free pages (CiF).

They changed the title, and added a reasonable standfirst (that’s the preamble paragraph, which was news to me until quite recently). They took out the links I put in to pages about Joseph Chamberlain and George Lansbury in local government, but they didn’t fix my appalling clash of perspective the the fifth paragraph (which maybe no-one else will notice but is flashing in red lights to my eyes). The picture is the least awful one I could get, using a mobile phone camera in my front room.

Anyway – it’s low level fame. After being in the background of a NorthWestminster piece, and being interviewed for local TV down here, my media empire inexorably spreads to the national stage.

Mwah ha ha hahhh!

Right, as I have the day off and my mate Darren is about, I’m off to the pub.

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