New Way New Life

It’s funny the way life works out sometimes.

My girlfriend is originally from Brum, and moved down to Crawley in 2001 to live with me. Since then, she’s never been totally happy there, but as there is work and I am there, she’s stayed but always maintained that at some point we (or she) would move up to the Midlands.

Last year, the contract I was working on took a bit of a knock. Nothing to do with the credit crunch, but our customer decided to outsource most of their IT development to Tata, and so over the last few months of the year those of us from other third parties were gradually moved off.

My employer does have other work around the country, but of course it is not easy to find work at the moment (and that is partly due to the credit crunch as much that I could do would be in the financial sector).

As it happens, the job I have been offered (and which I started at the beginning of the month) is in exactly the kind of work I have been trying to get into for a year or so – Business Analysis. However, it is based in Northampton, which is not too easy to get to from Crawley.

What this has done is present an opportunity to relocate to pretty much the area that Jas wants to be in, and so this weekend we have been looking for a place up in Rugby (25 miles from work, 30 miles from her family). And yesterday we found almost a perfect house for rent.

It’s going to take a while before we are fully moved out of Crawley, but chances are I’ll be up north rather than back there most of the time. I’m not sure what this will mean for a blog that has in large part been based on Crawley (and is named for a former Crawley Town player).

on the bench

For the past 3 months I’ve been working in Northampton. To anyone from Crawley who thinks that they live in a bad place, I suggest they spend some time in this armpit in the East Midlands.

But now I’m back. And now I’ve recovered from the Election, I’m ready for a period of what my employer calls ‘the bench’. Which means waiting for them to find me work to do. Last time I did this was in January, so it’s better now that there’s a chance of sun. My gf wants me to do stuff in the garden though. Including building a bench.

Maybe I’ll think about that.

Anyway, I watched the last game of the season on Sunday, when Fulham cruelly beat Norwich 6-0 to send them down. I didn’t really want any of the bottom four to be relegated, but sadly only West Brom could survive. Our win propelled us into a closing position of 13th, above Newcastle Utd, which is far better than it looked like being a few weeks ago.