Warrior Soul – The Losers

This one’s for the beautiful people….

The artist is not there to be worshipped or adored. They’re there to be enjoyed. The audience is not there to be politely asked to buy the T-shirts, to be patted on the head and to go home. The audience is a part of the artist. They’re friends. Allies. A show is a rock’n’roll ritual. The bands are the witchdoctors, the medicine men, the wise men. The band entice, preach, encourage, unite, excite …

— vocalist Kory Clarke in Kerrang! magazine, 1991

(Hat tip: Blank Crisis)

Warrior Soul – The Wasteland

Saw Kory Clarke at Camden Underworld last week. He’s still got it, and he still hates Republicans.

Check out his new band, too: Dirty Rig

808 State vs MC Tunes – The Only Rhyme That Bites ’99

As I’m on a YouTube kick tonight, here’s a bit more. MC Tunes went on to form the Dust Junkys, who as far as I can tell only put one album out, but it was a winner.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any DJ videos, so you’ll have to put up with 808 State.

Meanwhile, check out MC Tunes’ site: Nicky Lockett

Love/Hate-Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?

Saw Jizzy Pearl the other day (again, at the Camden Underworld). Oh yes…


A while ago a friend of mine, Andrew of Life in Broadfield was talking to me about music and stuff, and how he knew SpizzEnergi, well, he built a website on the bloke. I didn’t know who he was talking about until I followed a link on Andy’s site and discovered that he was the genius behind the song Where’s Captain Kirk?. Well, I was only 5 when it came out, so I can be forgiven for not knowing who did it, but I love that tune. Skuds didn’t mention it though, just described Spizz as post-punk, political and funny.

Oh, happy International Workers’ Day everybody.

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