Back to the Future

As part of the long process of moving up to Rugby, I’ve been looking for things to move up from my house down in Crawley that were left behind when we got the removals guys in. Last weekend was dedicated to clearing the loft.

Luckily, it seems I cleared it a while ago, and all that was left was a very old electric heater and a banana box. Inside the box was my old Amiga 500 and a bunch of games for it. After getting up here and spending a while trying to remember how to get a signal into a TV, I found that the thing still works (although the keyboard is a bit shonky) and so do some of the discs.

So, while Skuds is going back a few years for the ‘Master Of..’ series, I can go back nearly two decades and play the original Settlers, Civilisation, Sensible Soccer and (if I ever need to test my endurance for overhyped rubbish), Back to the Future part II.

Ahh, nostalgia. Still nearly as satisfying as it was the last time.

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None more black

This weekend I had a mate up to stay, so he could sample the many and varied Rugby pubs, and so we could catch up after several months of only the odd chat over the net. He was dumped recently, and so it was also a means to get away from things after a period of stress.

Anyway, he’s far more of a committed metalhead than I am, and far more of a gamer (so he’s obsessed with Guitar Hero: Metallica and showed off how much more practice he’s had than I have). He told me about a forthcoming game that will be out on the xbox next month:

Brutal Legend (with an umlaut over the ‘u’!) sees you take on the role of a roadie to rock and metal bands who is transported into a weird dimension where he has to do battle with the forces of evil using the power of metal. Leading groups of headbanging fans, playing little solos, using amps and guitars to power weaponry…

Basically, it sounds about as metal as you can get. Can’t wait.

Rocking out

While I was away, it was my birthday. When I got back I was able to get my main present (thanks, Jas!) which was Guitar Hero – Metallica for the Xbox.


I love GH as a game, but this was great! The game starts striaght in with the old classic For Whom the Bell Tolls, and straight away I was pretending to be Kirk Hammett and wishing I still had the hair I cut off ten years ago.

As well as Metallica tracks, there are songs by a host of other bands, and one favourite is Albatross by Corrosion of Conformity. If they’d have put Vote With a Bullet on there it would have been perfect, but it’s not far off right there.

Yeah, I love metal from the 80s and early 90s – I don’t think you ever really lose the feeling for music you have at about 18-19, and those were the days of Alice In Chains, Warrior Soul, Love/Hate and a host of bands that no-one growing up now will have a clue about.

So now I’m a slighly porky bloke in my mid thirties with very short hair, I’d look a twat trying to relive my youth in Jilly’s Rockworld (a club in Manchester). With the curtains closed I can get the xbox out and get a nostalgia fest on though…