In case you think I have a beef with Tesco, here’s a Sainsburys story

It seems that the major chains are not doing well when it comes to satisfying the local councils. While I wait to find out whether the local Tesco will have its alcohol license suspension upheld, the main Sainsburys in Crawley has been fined £7,500 for not doing enough to stop boy racers using the car park for noisy meets. Costs of nearly the same amount were also awarded, costing the chain almost £15,000 in total, on top of their own legal bill.

The problem that Sainsburys has is that it is not easy to stop people getting into the car park when the store is closed. McDonalds and Homebase also have outlets there and the petrol station is (I think) open 24 hours. There is a gate on the slip road leading to the main car park, but to close it would probably cause problems (not least of which is that it is not easy for cars to turn back if they use the slip road). Besides, the entry to the petrol station also allows you to drive into the car park from the other direction.

However, it is their car park, and it is being used for behaviour that has caused serious annoyance to people living in nearby houses (a matter of yards away). The real problem is probably that as it isn’t a highway, the police can’t easily stop the miscreants on traffic offences, and Sainsburys has until recently been loath to spend money on trying to enforce reasonable use of their own property.

(I saw this on the BBC, but the story there has disappeared, so here’s a link to the Argus, who appear to at least keep articles on local news in a findable place for longer)

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Lewis Hamilton

I’m not a huge fan of F1, where the racing is more of a procession (and with the number of safety car breaks, today was no exception), and it’s more a case of technology and timing pit stops than driving ability.

However, you can’t knock Lewis Hamilton, who has won his first race today. He’s now also leading the championship, following a run of 5 podium finishes in his previous 5 races. I think this must be the best ever start for a driver in their first season, at least within living memory, and what is more he seems like a really nice, down to earth bloke.

What better example can we have for young Britons than a mixed race kid flying the flag for us, beating the rest of the world and doing it with style. Good for you, Lewis.

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