A bit of a flurry

I’ve not posted for a few days, but there are several topics I wanted to do something with. The problem was I was too busy to get on to it properly, and then when I started I found that my laptop’s hard drive was nearly full.

After several attempts to figure it out (virus scans, spyware scans, checking all my folders, watching the activity logs etc etc), I finally found out what it was. Anyone with Vista on their machine, check this out.

If you are seeing your hard disk space eaten up with files you can’t see (mine was up to 197GB out of 220GB, leaving only a few hundred MB after the data I could see), try this:

Open up a console in Administrator mode (Start->Programs->Accessories, right click on ‘Command Prompt’ and select ‘Run as administrator’). You should see a prompt line beginning ‘C:\Windows\system32>’

Type vssadmin list shadowstorage

You should get something that says something like:

Shadow Copy Storage association
For volume: (C:)\\?\Volume{a983975a-151a-11de-932e-000235a17ad24}\
Shadow Copy Storage volume:  (C:)\?\Volume{a983975a-151a-11de-932e-000235a17ad24}\
Used Shadow Copy Storage space: 126.938 MB
Allocated Shadow Copy Storage space: 400 MB
Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: 2 GB

This is fine. If it’s bigger, especially if it’s much bigger, you can reduce the maximum limit with the command:

vssadmin resize shadowstorage /For=C: /On=C: /MaxSize=2GB

A message will come up if that works –  “Successfully resized the shadow copy storage association”. If not, then you should get a message to show what the error is.

After a few days of worrying about my machine having been set up as some ghost server for dodgy stuff, the relatively simple fix came as a great relief, but it wasn’t easy to find.


Good News / Bad News

Checking the recent activity on here, I noticed that there had been a few people clicking on the “Join Labour” ad (on the left hand side). Cool, I thought, someone has decided to join the party, and maybe I’ve helped to encourage them.

Turns out, though, that the link was out of date, and so whoever it was may have got a 404 screen, or if they were lucky, a relatively unhelpful list of possible pages.

I’ve fixed it now, so, should anyone be wanting to use it to join the Labour Party, they should be alright. Hope I haven’t lost us a member

More local sites

Last week I had family down, and we went to a few places to entertain the kids, such as Kenilworth Castle, the National Space Centre in Leicester and Twycross Zoo.

Nearer to home, we also took them to the Rugby Museum and Art Centre, and to the Big Apple Bowling Alley (which would be great if the management put a few more staff on). While out and about, I noticed a couple of flyers for local ‘portal’ sites:

AboutMyArea – saw this in the Green Olive Cafe in town. The site has business listings (even though it’s based on the CV21 postcode, it does cover CV22 and CV23 as well, which is all of Rugby and much of the surrounding area).

thebestofrugby – the leaflets for this were in the Big Apple bowling alley. It seems similar to AboutMyArea, but without quite as much interaction.

Both are businesses, and both are reliant on companies paying for advertising to keep going. As small businesses in the area need al the help they can get at the moment, this is at least a good way to see which companies are recommended, and to find out where things are so you don’t have to travel to Coventry or further afield.


I am going to be unable to update the site for about ten days or so.

See ya.

Local Papers

Coming from an area with poor local coverage* I was surprised that I get two free newspapers a week, both of which seem fairly normal and not too sensationalist.

The Rugby Observer comes out every Thursday and is delivered free where I live. Today it came with a four-page advertorial on the outer sheet, which was from the prospective Tory candidate for the next General Election, Mark Pawsey. It also carried a story about the sitting MP Tory Jeremy Wright and how he’s supportive of a new Speaker and reform of rules (Due to boundary revisions, the current constituency is being split, with the Kenilworth  area and Dunchurch joining with Southam, and Rugby borough north of the M45/A45 pretty much being on it’s own, and Wright is standing in the safer seat). So I wonder if it’s a little bit in the camp of one strand of opinion. Certainly no mention of the Borough Council’s budget overrun either.

However, the Observer does have a good range of stories (I saw that the local blogging rector was featured in a story about car parking charges affecting attendances), with a few pages of local sports as well.

On Wednesdays, I get the Rugby Times. Yes, I know the link is for the Coventry Times, but it seems that they are sister papers and share a website, which is a bit rubbish. Another thing I find a but rubbish about it is the Mike Lockley column, “It’s a lighter look at life…”. The Rugby/Coventry Times website describes him as “the funniest man in Tinterwebland”. If so, ‘Tinterwebland’ must be like North Korea – stuck in the 1950s, where laughter is banned and the entertainment is usually made up of lists of production figures for the local tractor plant, because I just don’t see how any of it is funny.

Again, the Times seems to cover a fair range of stories with less pages than the Observer, although often there is only one page for sport.

If I want to pay for a paper, there’s the Rugby Advertiser. This has more space to put stories in (not being solely reliant on falling advertising revenue), and the main reason I don’t get it regularly is that I don’t tend to be in town when it comes out, and I can check the web pages easily. The Advertiser also puts out a free listings paper, the Rugby Review, which comes out Thursday/Friday.

Once a month, I also get Around Rugby Magazine, another listings magazine. I can’t find a website for it, but I am going to email the editor to see if there is one or not.

*The Crawley News is a weekly free, which has been reducing distribution over the years – I didn’t get a copy after about 2007, and other people I know have more recently suddeny stopped receiving it. The Crawley Observer is a weekly that costs about 25p and is usually seen as a bit tabloidy. The Crawley Times is new, but is owned by the same group as the Observer, costs 50p and is made up largely from stories in the County Times, based in Horsham. The Observer has recently appeared to be incredibly desperate for news – relying on Fire Service reports of minor callouts and pleading for people to contact them in case there’s a story. Sad.

Local wiki & forum

While trawling around for local sites using google, I missed two that are probably the best chance of being local hubs for information and discussion.

I found Rugby Town Wiki at the very bottom of the links page in the Rugby Observer website. From there I found what seems to be a new (and as yet small) community forum at Rugby Town Forums.

I will read and hopefully join in with both, and I’ve put them on my webroll as local links for anyone who wants to do the same.

Local links

I couldn’t find many other actual local blogs when I searched around today, but I have found some community sites for parts of Rugby or the surrounding villages, so I have added some new links. For poltical balance, I have found a site for each of the three main parties in the town, although I will be looking out for left-of-centre blogs to link to if I can find them.


As I left the Cabinet meeting, a council officer asked if I was ‘our blogger’.


I didn’t think anyone had noticed my post on the 1 June meeting, but on checking the logs, there certainly was a blip about a week or so later. I wonder now whether this explains why the press didn’t turn up. Are they hoping I’ll write a report for them?

I know I got a few puzzled looks from the councillors in both meetings, as it seems that they don’t really get many people from ‘the public’ turning up and taking notes.

What I don’t know is if there are any other local blogs out there. One problem with the town of Rugby is that any searches for sites relating to it will get swamped by the many, many pages devoted to the sport. If there’s anyone reading this who can point me at a local blog or website, pop a comment up and let me know. There is a spam filter, so don’t put more than one link in a post as it will get rejected.


getting used to wordpress

After a long period using Blogger, it’s taking me a bit of time to work out how to get WordPress to do what I want. Generally it’s more flexible, but that does mean more options to find and checkboxes to play with (and I haven’t even considered playing with the CSS or adding any flashy HTML).

So, the site will probably change a bit as I tweak and adjust stuff. I could also break things.

The end of the line

Time to change the blog. Seeing as I’ve moved, and I haven’t been motivated to blog here since, I might as well put a close on RMF. A new site might give me the motivation to blog a bit more often, but I can be incredibly lax…

Farewell, to whoever still reads this. And if you want to read more (assuming there is any), then pop over to The middle of the line


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