This is the blog of Owen Richards, aka Danivon. I’m into politics, football, music and the odd geeky thing or two. I do ride a mountain bike, but far less frequently than I should.

At the start of 2009, I moved from Crawley in Sussex to Rugby. The main reason for moving was work (not wanting to be made redundant in the middle of a recession, I chose to relocate), but it turns out that Rugby is a pretty good place to live. Better than Crawley (shhh, don’t tell ’em).

All posts dated before April 2009 have been imported from my old blog Rodney McAree Forever!

The views expressed in posts are my own, and do not reflect the opinions of the Labour Party locally or nationaly, or my employer or any of their customers. All views expressed in comments are those of the commenter, and are not necessarily shared or agreed with by me. As per the Comments Policy, I reserve the right to refuse to allow comments to appear, or to edit comments. Edits will be shown, with the reason for them.

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