Seen leaving our local Tesco…

… A rather red-faced local politician who had been brought in to apply pressure on management not to discipline his nephew for theft. Said nephew had apparently assured his uncle that there was no case to answer, and on that basis the politician had started making a forthright defence… Until the inevitable playing of the CCTV footage showing the scallywag lifting edible goods from the shelves and into his gob.

Uncle ??? has not been seen in the branch since, apparently.

7 Responses to “Seen leaving our local Tesco…”

  1. Danivon Says:

    No names, although someone else may know who I’m talking about.

  2. Interested observer Says:

    Are we talking about a present or former Councillor?

  3. Danivon Says:

    A former councillor.

  4. Interested observer Says:

    Does he currently hold elected office?

  5. Danivon Says:

    I do believe that he does.

  6. Interested observer Says:

    Well if it is the Honourable Member for Rugby (who, let us not forget, does not even live in the constituency) then perhaps he should know better? I wonder what his party’s stance is on low level offending?

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