Not having the World Cup

I would really liked to have seen the 2018 World Cup come to England. Euro96 was great fun and when we are behaving ourselves, the English fans can be really good hosts.

But, what with not bribing enough people, not censoring our media over FIFA corruption, not being a possible new mass market, sending Wills and Cameron and Beckham over to schmooze, and a mini-riot at last night’s 2nd-city derby game, did we really have a hope?

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2 Responses to “Not having the World Cup”

  1. Skuds Says:

    Also: having already hosted the tournament before fairly recently – i.e. less than a dozen tournaments ago.

    I can see some justification for giving priority to countries that haven’t hosted before.

  2. mrswormwood Says:

    Like we would have had any money to host it after the Olympics!

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