Another bit of 80s nostalgia

Remember the 1980s? How about the race riots in places like Brixton and Toxteth and Handsworth? What was the spark for these riots? Well, it was the ‘sus laws’, and the use of them by the police to stop young black men, on ‘suspicion’. After the Scarman Report, the laws were abolished, for the very reason that they had contributed to massive problems between the police and local communities.

In 2008, David Cameron did say he would bring back similar powers to the police. Now he’s in power, the Home Office are issuing new guidance to allow race to be used as a reason to stop people.

This really needs to be reconsidered.

5 Responses to “Another bit of 80s nostalgia”

  1. mrswormwood Says:

    remember the 80′s?
    they where worse than the 90′s
    we’re stuck in the 90′s……..

    sorry. I’ve put this on about rather than here. So delete it if you can. 🙂

  2. Danivon Says:

    Tis gone.

    Are we stuck in the 90’s? I feel we are slipping into the 80s. Have you seen the state of fashion, music, politics…?

  3. mrswormwood Says:

    It’s a song! Heathen!

  4. Danivon Says:

    Yes, but (…google …) it’s a Travis song.

    So who’s the heathen now?


  5. mrswormwood Says:

    OK, you got me.

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