Zamora v Zoltan

While a lot of the focus on tonight’s game between England and Hungary has been about how much booing the World Cup flops will receive, more should perhaps be on the new faces in the squad.

Of course the main interest for Fulham fans will be whether Zamora gets to come on from the bench, after having been on the edge of contention at the end of a brilliant season but having to rule himself out of contention for South Africa in order to have surgery over the summer.

And in the international game since… err.. the USA-Ghana tie in the World Cup… there’ll be a Fulham player on each side. Zoltan Gera getting his first start for Hungary in months and the captain’s armband. So, I kind of want a high scoring game (with England’s goals coming in the second half thanks to a canny substitution). And of course no crunching tackles, what with the Premiership opener at Bolton on Saturday.

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