An experiment

To get an idea of how PR might work, I did the following:

For each Region of the UK, find the percentage vote for each party. Ignoring those with less that 5% of the vote in each region, share out the number of seats that the region currently has proportionally.This gives:

Labour 208
Con 248
LD 159
SNP 12
PC 5
SF 5
Alliance 1
Ind Unionists) 1

However, some regions are much larger than others, and some are over-represented (basically Wales and Scotland), so the figures are not quite what we could expect from such a system after reform, but they are not far off.

It’s not completely proportional, mainly because the 5% cut off removes the smaller parties. A lower cut-off would bring in the BNP and UKIP but it would have to be about 1.5% for any Greens to get in.

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