Good news for Brownsover

Given that the Borough Council has decided to cut funding for community resources in Brownsover, it’s a good job that the Home Office is putting money into the area:

BROWNSOVER will be boosted by a cash grant to help improve the estate where life isn’t as bad as it’s claimed, according to residents. The £41,700 grant will be used to [p]ay for a number of new initiatives to help reduce antisocial behaviour [a]nd youth issues in Brownsover and residents of the estate will be given chance to say what they would like it spent on.

It is also hoped that the money [w]ill also help improve the image and reputation that Brownsover has got within the town.

The grant, which has been provided by the Home Office via Warwickshire Police, could be used to improve the CCTV cameras covering the Hollowell Way shopping precinct and could also fund more youth activities.

Source: Rugby Advertiser (who seem to drop the first character of words quite a bit)

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