Stupid Sussex

I don’t often read Iain Dale’s blog. I rarely bother to go below the line when I do, on account of how all the right wing Tories (and those from further right parties) are just competing to bleat the most ridiculous bile.

But today I was pointed a this story: Are people in West Sussex stupid?. Seems that the County Council has a YouTube channel – wsccvideo – which is used for little publicity clips. But it has also recently become home to some ‘How To’ snippets, such as:

How to Wash your Hands Properly (in which the presenter also shows you how not to wash your hands), How to read a map and compass (“and remember, North is always at the top”), How to pack an emergency bag (which should include things to read, and something for the cat, apparently) and the one that brought the attention of Mr Dale: How to use a mobile phone.

All can be found on the Youtube channel in their patronising glory.

Best thing is that Henry Smith, leader of WSCC and Tory candidate for Crawley in the next General Election, didn’t know about the ‘How To’ stuff until yesterday. Looks like old ‘Enry is still as on top of things as ever (as illustrated in an old post).

3 Responses to “Stupid Sussex”

  1. Are people in West Sussex stupid? Says:

    […] Or is it just that the council thinks they are?   Not my question but one, apparently, posed by Iain Dale.  Full details where I found out about it on Owen’s new blog. […]

  2. mrs wormwood Says:

    Great, I’ve watched the ‘how to pack an emergency bag’ video and now it will be so much easier to find things when burgling houses. Passports, insurance documents, money, medication and cat food. All in one handy carry bag!

  3. Skuds Says:

    Specially designed for cat burglars then!


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