Back to the Future

As part of the long process of moving up to Rugby, I’ve been looking for things to move up from my house down in Crawley that were left behind when we got the removals guys in. Last weekend was dedicated to clearing the loft.

Luckily, it seems I cleared it a while ago, and all that was left was a very old electric heater and a banana box. Inside the box was my old Amiga 500 and a bunch of games for it. After getting up here and spending a while trying to remember how to get a signal into a TV, I found that the thing still works (although the keyboard is a bit shonky) and so do some of the discs.

So, while Skuds is going back a few years for the ‘Master Of..’ series, I can go back nearly two decades and play the original Settlers, Civilisation, Sensible Soccer and (if I ever need to test my endurance for overhyped rubbish), Back to the Future part II.

Ahh, nostalgia. Still nearly as satisfying as it was the last time.

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One Response to “Back to the Future”

  1. Skuds Says:

    Now regretting giving away my old Spectrum many years ago – but still tempted to install an emulator.

    There is a standalone Java version of Manic Miner out there somewhere that is pretty good. Amazing to think that those games we used to save up for and which took for ever to load from cassette now count as a small applet.

    The only thing stopping them being ported to mobile phones is the small screens. And the fact that mobile phone games all have better sound and graphics now.

    Quite fancy having a go at Atic Atac again…

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