It’s all about the honesty…

Apparently the Tories, and primarily Shadow Chancellor George Osborne, are being given credit for their ‘honesty’ in telling us what they intend to cut when if they assume power after the formality of a General Election.

But what is Osborne’s record on honesty recently?

On MPs expenses (remember that burning issue over the summer?), Osborne is pretty much in the spotlight – or rather he should be. Eighteen months ago the Wilmslow Express, local to his Tatton constituency, noted his rather high claims. In May this year he was rebuked for using his expenses-funded website for overly-political purposes (Daily Telegraph), and of course he’s been accused of ‘flipping’ for personal gain (Evening Standard) and over-claiming on his £450,000 mortgage on a house worth a little less.

The Parliamentary Commissioner’s report on the expenses claims affair is due out soon. Perhaps then we’ll get a clearer idea of exactly how ‘honest’ Osborne is when it comes to taxpayers’ money.

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