Good News / Bad News

Checking the recent activity on here, I noticed that there had been a few people clicking on the “Join Labour” ad (on the left hand side). Cool, I thought, someone has decided to join the party, and maybe I’ve helped to encourage them.

Turns out, though, that the link was out of date, and so whoever it was may have got a 404 screen, or if they were lucky, a relatively unhelpful list of possible pages.

I’ve fixed it now, so, should anyone be wanting to use it to join the Labour Party, they should be alright. Hope I haven’t lost us a member

4 Responses to “Good News / Bad News”

  1. mrs wormwood Says:

    Oh, that was me. Went to the Labour website direct in the end, as I can work these thing out. But yes, very naughty.

  2. Danivon Says:

    Consider my wrists duly slapped.

    However, the problem was that the party changed the link and didn’t leave an auto re-direct behind, or just a pointer to the home page.

    By the way, can I ask a few questions of you?

    What made you consider joining (you don’t have to tell me that it was down to my erudite prose and convincing arguments)?

    Is mrswormwood a Sarah Jane, Calvin & Hobbes or Matilda reference?

    Can you point me at other blogs/sites that you think I may be interested in?


  3. mrs wormwood Says:

    And as for joining, as much as I don’t like the recent actions of my local party (Salford) I can’t really change things from the outside can I?
    As in Matilda. As in Matilda’s mother. You know me by the way.
    :). If you can’t figure it out I will be very disappointed.

  4. Danivon Says:

    Hmm. Let me think… I know so many people in Salford who are mothers to a child called Matilda and who work at Manchester University (the magic of the internet means that I can see your IP address and had a pretty good idea of who you were from last week)… No idea, sorry.


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