None more black

This weekend I had a mate up to stay, so he could sample the many and varied Rugby pubs, and so we could catch up after several months of only the odd chat over the net. He was dumped recently, and so it was also a means to get away from things after a period of stress.

Anyway, he’s far more of a committed metalhead than I am, and far more of a gamer (so he’s obsessed with Guitar Hero: Metallica and showed off how much more practice he’s had than I have). He told me about a forthcoming game that will be out on the xbox next month:

Brutal Legend (with an umlaut over the ‘u’!) sees you take on the role of a roadie to rock and metal bands who is transported into a weird dimension where he has to do battle with the forces of evil using the power of metal. Leading groups of headbanging fans, playing little solos, using amps and guitars to power weaponry…

Basically, it sounds about as metal as you can get. Can’t wait.

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