Wolves 2 – 1 Fulham

The loss two weeks ago at Villa Park could be put down to tiredness on the part of the team. Today only one of the starting eleven had been in the team in Sofia, so that cannot be the excuse today. Most of the team did play together a week ago against Everton, so they can’t claim a lack of practice either.

Wolverhampton’s goals both came from silly errors, and Fulham didn’t come back strongly enough. That the consolation goal was from the penalty spot isn’t too great, there was a lack of shots on goal – indeed shots at all – and I fully expect tomorrow to be told how rubbish they were by the resident Wolves supporter.

Another key week is coming. There’s the League Cup game at Man City on Wednesday, followed by a home game against Arsenal on the Saturday. The second fixture is one we don’t want to lose, but Arsenal are looking very good at the moment, and mid-week games don’t seem to do Fulham any favours.

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