Rugby BC Cabinet 14 Sep 2009

This meeting was incredibly short. It was not quite “blink and you’ll miss it”, but for me it was “get there five minutes later and miss all but a short exchange before having to leave”.

The Agenda was a little sparse, with the main areas I was interested in being an item on Air Quality (which does not make great reading from the report attached to the agenda) and the future of a parcel of land on the Cattle Market which is allocated to community use.

The latter item was the one I did get to see discussed. Essentially, a small piece of land that is not part of the major planning application at the cattle market site is set aside for a community building. The decision was basically to agree to give the land away to a voluntary organisation (I think I saw in earlier notes that Warwickshire CAVA were a likely candidate). No mention of how any actual building would be provided or paid for, but I believe that CAVA have plans)

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