Not much changes

I went to my first local Labour Party meeting last night. After twelve years of them in Crawley, it’s eerie how familiar it was – the rambling speeches on irrelevant topics, the wandering points of order, the roundabout debates on procedure, and then eventually (gah!) a decision is made.

If you’ve not been to a political party’s meeting, then you’d get a flavour from the People’s Front of Judea scenes in The Life of Brian. Only they seem to get more done.

But still, you get there in the end, and the people are friendly and welcomed me in. We did actually discuss issues, such as parking at St Cross and other nearby hospitals and the idea of a crematorium for the town.

I also met Andy King, who was MP between 1997 and 2005, and is campaigning to take the seat in the next election (whenever it will be). He came across as a genuine bloke, and I can see why he’s got a good local reputation.

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