Duncan’s rations

Alan Duncan has been embarrassed today by a video taken of him whining about how MPs were poorly paid and now expected to be ‘on rations’.

Yes, the video was taken secretly and without consent, which is naughty, but it was pretty revealing. Duncan has tried to pass it off as ‘in jest’, but having seen the video it doesn’t come across that way. Besides, hasn’t he heard the expression, “many a true word spoken in jest”?

He thinks that claims for £1,000 a year for his garden are ok, partly because he could have claimed all he spent instead (£2,000 a year). He moans about MPs having been ‘nationalised’, which is a bit odd, given that MPs are pretty much a core part of the national public sector, are paid out of national taxation and are answerable to the whole nation. They’ve always been ‘nationalised’, and it’s taken a bit of exposure for us to see that some of them have been taking advantage.

And here’s the other thing I am peeved about. For some reason, the Tories have not done as badly as Labour over the expenses scandal. Yet, some of the worst offenders were Tories, not one has resigned their seat, and some – such as Alan Duncan – can’t see that they’ve done anything wrong. More than that, they feel that they have been wronged. If people vote Tory because of the expenses scandal, they’ve missed the point.

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