Going far in Europe

My dad and I have decided that we’d like to get to an away game in the Europa Cup. However, we decided it couldn’t be too far. So when we saw the draw for the previous round and that it would be either in Helsinki or Vilnius, we realised that was too far (and too expensive), especially as we wouldn’t know which until less than a week before the game.

Oh well, we’ll just see who we get in the Play Off Round. There’s plenty of Dutch clubs in the draw, as well as Guingamp from the north of France, and Lille which is just perfect for the Eurostar.

But no, Fulham have drawn Amkar Perm. Perm being in the foothills of the Ural mountains, about as far east as you can go and still be in Europe. This involves a 12-15 hour journey by air, with a change in Moscow. As Perm is a few hours ahead of London, in order to get there for kickoff, you’d probably have to leave London on Wednesday lunchtime, and not not bank on getting home until Saturday.

The Home leg comes first, on the 20th, with the away leg on 27th. This means that Fulham have to do well in the first game. The defence has to avoid conceding, and ideally they should get a few goals in to build up a lead.

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  1. Guingamp fc Says:

    Very good post. Thanks for this.

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