Never Mind The Baltics

I didn’t check the result of the Helsinki v Vetra game last week, I’d kind of assumed that Helsinki would win, what with a 1-0 lead and home advantage. As it was, they scored in the first three minutes to go 2-0 up on aggregate, and then conceded two around the half-hour mark (to be behind on the dreaded away-goals rule) before being knocked out properly by a late Vetra goal.

Not that it makes much difference, because as far as Fulham are concerned, either team is going to be tough, with a long trip for the first leg. I noticed a few searches that led to this blog had been on whether the games would be televised or not. There’s nothing to suggest that they will be – the club website has nothing and I can’t see any indication. We might get some highlights if we are lucky.

Going out there seems not to be much of an option – there aren’t many tickets available, flights are going to be expensive at short notice, as hotels may be hard to come by. Turns out that Vetra have their own little gang of hooligans, who might be relishing the idea of meeting up with some English (even though Fulham is not really much of a hooligan team).

We may get to see the new signings, but probably not Bjorn Helge Riise, who is coming over from Norway soon. He’s John Arne Riise’s younger brother, which reminds me of the time when we were interested in buying John Arne, only to be gazumped by the more attractive Liverpool. Hopefully Bjorn Helge is as good as, if not better than, his older brother.

I’m also trying to figure out what’s happening with the Bobby Zamora. He’s being sold to Hull, but he was playing for Fulham at the weekend in the friendly against Peterborough. Why play a guy who’s being sold, unless there are players needing a rest?

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