Important Public Consultation

On the Rugby Observer website there is an article that appears to have come a bit late to get into the latest print edition: Last chance to have your say.

What it concerns is the ‘Core Strategy’ for Rugby Borough. This is essentially about planning and development around the Borough over the next twenty years, and is part of the process of replacing the current ‘Local Plan’.

From the RBC website:

The document includes:

  • vision for the future of Rugby Borough to 2026.
  • Strategic allocations for housing and employment development up to 2026.
  • A Development Strategy for the Borough.
  • Planning policies which will be used to determine planning applications when the Core Strategy is adopted.
  • Proposal Maps showing sites for particular land uses and displaying relevant policies by identifying areas of protection, such as Green Belt and conservation areas.

The public has until 21 August to comment. Anything received after this date will not be considered, as the consultation period is fixed by law.

I haven’t really had time to go through it yet, and I can’t say that I know the area all that well so I may not be aware of all possible issues or the history of particular bits of land, but I’ll try to have a go.

Unfortunately, because the Observer publish their articles in such a way that you can’t select the text, you can’t follow the the web address that they put up there. It’s also not the address of the actual Core Strategy. In case anyone sees this in time, here is a better link:

For a paper copy, call the council on 01788 533762, or email The means of sending comments is explained there. You can’t just do so by dropping them a line, a particular form is required and specific criteria must be in place as grounds for objection, as this is the draft submission – the overall process has involved public consultation in periods over the past couple of years.

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