As I left the Cabinet meeting, a council officer asked if I was ‘our blogger’.


I didn’t think anyone had noticed my post on the 1 June meeting, but on checking the logs, there certainly was a blip about a week or so later. I wonder now whether this explains why the press didn’t turn up. Are they hoping I’ll write a report for them?

I know I got a few puzzled looks from the councillors in both meetings, as it seems that they don’t really get many people from ‘the public’ turning up and taking notes.

What I don’t know is if there are any other local blogs out there. One problem with the town of Rugby is that any searches for sites relating to it will get swamped by the many, many pages devoted to the sport. If there’s anyone reading this who can point me at a local blog or website, pop a comment up and let me know. There is a spam filter, so don’t put more than one link in a post as it will get rejected.


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