Another new ASDA?

For some time, part of Rugby town centre has been a building site as new shops were being built – primarily a large branch of ASDA. This chain certainly is expanding across the country – it was only a few years ago that they opened a branch in Crawley, in a similar scheme to develop a site on the edge of the town centre with other properties (in Rugby it seems to be mainly retail, in Crawley it also included housing).

Not being a great fan of shopping (it’s what you do when you need stuff, not a leisure pursuit), I didn’t go in on the first day of opening yesterday. Besides, I was on the way to the pub to watch the England v Germany U21 game. However, I did get my first proper view of the front of the recently built Art Centre, Museum and Library complex:


I quite like it – I’m sure that there are people who think it looks too modern, but it appears to me to be quite well proportioned. It’s certainly a nicer building than the ASDA is.

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