We apologise for any delays this may have caused to your journey…

The main reason for a lack of recent posting is that I’ve been revising for an exam (part of the ISEB Diploma in Business Analysis) which happened this afternoon. Not all that confident of a pass, if anyone’s interested. It was an interview type exame in which a sudden brain freeze doesn’t really make you look like you know what you are on about.

Oh well, it’s over, and even if I didn’t pass this, I have at least achieved ‘practitioner’ level by doing all the written exams last year.

I can now properly recognise the greatness of Roy Hodgson for getting Fulham into the UEFA Europa Cup. Get in! I don’t get to many games, one or two a season, but I have convinced the old man that we have to get along to one of them games.

At least the success of the team has put me off thinking about the dire state of politics.

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