A lesson in etiquette

Yesterday I went to a Braai (which is a South African barbeque). It was held by a woman who works at the same place as my girlfriend, so I was on good behaviour. We brought along some Castle Lager to remind her of home.

The food was great (a whole roasted lamb, a mixture of salads, roasted potatoes, some yummy Afrikaans puds) and the rain managed to hold off for the afternoon.

There was an odd part though. While I was queuing for my helping of lamb, I could hear the lady behind me, with a South African accent, talking about how ‘English’ queuing was, and bemoaning those barbarian Europeans (especially the Italians) for not getting the idea. A bit annoying and snobby, but each to their own I thought.

Right up to the time where she cut in front of me…

Seems that while queuing is ‘English’, It’s not very South African.

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