Time to turn the hoses on?

After a recession (arguably excacerbated by a light-touch regulatory system and a reluctance to stem the property and investment booms of the previous decade), a scandal over trying to smear the opposition and getting to an argument you can only lose over Gurkhas, the government is caught in a new calamity.

Not that it is exclusively the fault of the Labour government that MPs of all parties have been taking the piss over claims for expenses, but they are in the majority and could have tightened the system and in 1997 there was the notion of being ‘whiter than white’. The Tories largely lost the election that year because of scandals over money for influence affecting their MPs (and a self-voted pay rise didn’t help much). I bet many loyal Conservatives felt then as I do now – Why the hell should I help get any of these people re-elected? Why should these greedy gits profit from the hard work of local activists and the votes of ordinary people? Why should loads of honest MPs lose their seats when guilt-by-association takes its toll?

Even if my own local MP isn’t implicated, the whole system needs a good clear out.

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