Off to the Cottage by the River

Following that little setback last weekend (3-1 loss against Chelsea), Fulham have a key game on Saturday against Aston Villa. A win would not mean that Fulham could overtake the Villans, as the gap is 11 points with three games left to play. However, with West Ham United a point ahead, and Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur level with Fulham on 47 points, the ‘race’ for the last UEFA Europa Cup place is going to be tight. The three other teams are also playing opposition in the top six, with West Ham hosting Liverpool, Man City going across the city to play United and Spurs up at Everton. This means that all of the games will be tight, as some could affect the Title race and confirmation of European football for Everton is a possibility.

One hope is that Aston Villa relax a bit having qualified for the Europa Cup (and unable to get into the Champions League). I’ll be going to the game to cheer on the Whites, after a bit of a pub crawl through Wandsworth and Putney. Every little bit helps, eh?

One Response to “Off to the Cottage by the River”

  1. Danivon Says:

    And what a day out it was!

    We had seats right behind the goal at the Hammersmith End, which were cheaper due to a restricted view (seeing as our eye-level was about a foot above the playing surface), but it happened to be about the best place to see Kamara’s two goals from.

    His second, and Fulham’s third, was a superbly instinctive flick with his back to goal.

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