Quiet, innit?

No particular reason for my being quiet, and the only reason for this posting is that I noticed that the links needed a serious sorting out.

Renewed Labour and Let’s be Sensible have stopped months ago, and Labour Humanist hasn’t written anything since Christmas so they are gone. I can’t get on to Adam Brown’s site – or all I can get is a blank page – and I notice that Duncan Crow now has a blog so that was an easy 1-for-1 replacement (can’t have too many Tory councillor blogs getting publicity from me, can I?). Richard Symonds doesn’t use the Crawley Independent to blog anymore, he’s got his own forum which (once does contain the odd pearl of information about local doings, in amongst all the rest of what I can only call conspiracy theories, as much as it riles him).

The Crawley News site has been moved and relaunched. It’s much better, you get most of the paper’s stories and people can comment on them. The old one was shared with about three other papers based in Surrey (and was on icsurrey.co.uk) and was very difficult to navigate. I’ll not comment on the quality of the journalism though. If you follow my other new link to the Maidenbower Forum, you will probably find someone moaning about grossly inaccurate reporting.

I know that there are probably a couple of new local sites that I should add in – Such as Ian Irvine’s blog, but I can’t remember what the url is and I’m about to eat my Sunday lunch soon.

Also, there’s going to be a new blog for Crawley to ‘celebrate’ all of the holes that appear in the town’s streets. When it’s up and running, it will get a trail here.

2 Responses to “Quiet, innit?”

  1. Skuds Says:

    Ian is at http://broadfield1.wordpress.com/

    I didn’t realise Adam’s blog had disappeared. I just looked and even his own domain at adamgbrown.com is blank now. Another person finding out that its not as easy as it looks to write something every day, or even every week – and even harder to write something that anyone might want to read.

    Duncan Crow though.. should be fun. Do we open up a sweep on how long it will last? Will he get bored before he ends up writing something inflamatory?

  2. Danivon Says:

    He already is writing stuff that is borderline. Calling John Major our ‘last honest Prime Minister’ (how honest is an adulterer?), accusing anyone who uses the internet in opposition to his views as some kind of evil socialist uber-hacker.

    He kept the thing quiet, it was only when he reacted to the Crawley News poll of last month that he mentioned it that I know of.

    I was one of his earliest commenters, and he’s already moderated out at least one comment of mine.

    He may have spurred me to blog more though. I could do with a whole new ‘Thoughts of Duncan Crow’ section perhaps?

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