Now that’s over with…

My ballot paper as a Party member for the Deputy Leadership election arrived yesterday, and because the Labour Party has embraced technology like the interweb, I didn’t have to rely on Royal Mail to put my ‘X’s in boxes.

Actually, you don’t put ‘X’s in boxes anyway, you put numbers of preference.

My votes were:

  1. 1 Jon Cruddas – naturally, I think he is the best of the candidates, and with a true vision of how to fulfil the role.
  2. 2 Peter Hain – Like Cruddas he has some interesting ideas on how to reconnect with the party, but there is something about him that I just can’t put my finger on.
  3. 3 Harriet Harman – A last minute promotion to 3rd, after some good performances in the hustings that I’ve seen. I don’t follow the logic that the post has to be filled by a woman, bt I think she is capable in her own right. I nearly put her above Hain.
  4. 4 Hilary Benn – If this was a vote for who to be in the Cabinet, he’d be my no. 1, but if anything the post of Deputy Leader would be a distraction. Given him the Foreign Office, Mr Brown.
  5. 5 Alan Johnson – reminds me too much of Prescott

Hazel Blears didn’t get even my 6th preference. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that my 5th or 6th preference will be needed anyway, I expect by then that Cruddas, Benn or Johnson will already have the 50% they need, or if not be in the front runners.

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3 Responses to “Now that’s over with…”

  1. Commissar Says:

    Here’s hoping only your first preference will be needed and Cruddas gets the job!

  2. Aberdeen Group Organiser Says:

    Oh Cruddas the cheat and tax payer swindler.
    I was reading the Unite Magazine (the offical Amicus members Magazine summer addition) when I came across an article referring to the official backing that Amicus has given Labour MP Jon Cruddas in his attempt to become deputy prime minister.
    The long winded article goes on to explain why he thinks New Labour have gone into virtual extinction .Cruddas believes that by concentrating on gaining support from a few thousand middle England swing voters the present leadership is abandoning its bedrock support, allowing Extremist’s like the BNP to gain ground, and without a dramatic change of direction would lead Labour to defeat in the next general election.
    Remembering that this is the MP who claimed over £21000 in Parliamentary Additional Allowances in 2005/6? Despite representing a constituency a mere 13 miles away from parliament. He is also the MP that wholeheartedly supports the odious lying UAF, that anti British organisation.
    Later in his article he describes how the BNP have now as many council candidates, as they had members 10 years ago (Thanks Jon, see we are the fastest growing political party) he then goes on to describe how Labour need to implement a full range of minimum standards for working people if it wants to reconnect with its grassroots. Failure to do so had led to insecurity at the workplace and misery amongst immigrants, exploited by unscrupulous employers. It has also provided anger among British workers who see their and pay conditions undercut.
    Now get me if I am wrong but it is obvious that labour don’t know what to do, it is obvious they are going to champion the rights of immigrants, the ones that undercut British wages and work conditions.
    Next he says Britain should abandon its Opposition to European legislation ( Bang goes our pint and pound again) and more human rights to protect criminals.
    But now for the crème de la crème, he says at the heart of everything is housing, and this is a situation that has exacerbated tensions between Britons and incomers. Waiting lists for council accommodation in London has increased by 100,000 in four years. (Wonder where they came from Jon isn’t the indigenous population supposed to be falling, and have 600,000 white flighter’s already left London) So if you are housed in run down damp squalid tower blocks you may have a bit of a wait for your new home as 100,000 people need one before you lucky ones who have at least got accommodation.
    Then just to make the housing situation better, he then concentrates on employment rights demanding a level playing field across Europe, through state procurement policies and enhancement of temporary workers rights (immigrants) and an abandonment of Britain’s opt out on the working time directive. He then states “Rights for migrant workers are the other part of the jigsaw. Hundreds of thousands have no status, (hundreds of thousands of new British citizens then) There has to be a debate so that the Migrant workers appear on the Radar (more benefits paid for by the tax payer).

    The whole sorry article clearly shows the onward push for the destruction of Britain and all we hold dear aided and abetted by the Unions who should be putting British workers first. Not one mention of stopping Immigration and making sure those British workers come first for jobs and housing. Remember 100,000 houses needed in just London to facilitate the failed mass immigration multi cultural experiment, how many are needed nation wide. This mad crazy unsustainable situation will go on and on until the BNP get elected, give your children a house and a job Vote BNP.
    More about who Amicus the so called workers union support here

    Further to above no link is available for the magazine page, (Wonder WHY) but I have included below a link to the main site and another statement from Amicus

  3. Danivon Says:

    The fact that Cruddas opposes the BNP and that he is offering real solutions to the housing issues facing working class people (regardless of their colour or ethnicity), makes him a far more suitable candidate. Thanks for bolstering my opinion of the man.

    If the BNP are having to smear the guy (he has not ‘swindled’ the taxpayer, his expenses are openly declared and were ages ago), it suggests that they consider him a threat.

    If so, then again I am happier to endorse his candidacy.

    The fact that you basically cut and pasted a post from your own blog suggests that no bugger reads it and you are desperate for exposure. Wonder why?

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