More from Freemania

Having spotted the posting mentioned in the previous link, I read more of Tom Freeman’s stuff.

In particular, this post (Building and listening) resonates.

Very often, when people say things like “I just want politicians to listen”, which sounds almost infinitely reasonable, they mean something else entirely…

…What they often really want is not so much listening as obedience. So when politicians promise to listen, even if they’re not being vapidly disingenuous, they’re bound to let people down.

Yep. The problem with trying to give ‘the people’ what they want is that they generally want the Moon on a stick. Not only that, but one set of people want a red stick with a full Moon, and others want a green stick with a half Moon, while others want a long thin multicoloured stick with flashing lights and a cool tune and a pen on the end topped by a new Moon. Strangely enough even providing Moon sticks will mean you doomed to annoy a fair number of ‘the people’.

I mean, when your biggest problem is a bit of a traffic jam in the mornings, that means that your life is actually quite good. For some people in this world, the hyperbole that we see in the UK about minor inconveniences would be highly offensive, given that they live in war zones, or are repressed by dictators, or are ill and unable to obtain even basic treatment.

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