Blogroll Maintenance

It’s been a long time since I last cleared out my links, and still none need removing due to being broken or to moribund sites. However, it is time to add some, so I chose the blogs that I visit most often. There’s even a Tory there (clearly marked, in case you blunder in by accident), although he’s quite a reasonable Tory.

There are also a few ‘Eustonistas’, like Norman Geras, Oliver Kamm and the PooterGeek who all end up next to each other due to the magic of the alphabet. I may disagree with them on some things, but they are worth reading.

I’ve also nailed my colours to the mast regarding the Deputy Leader election. Go Jon!

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One Response to “Blogroll Maintenance”

  1. PooterGeek Says:

    Thanks for the link.

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