Tory Sleaze

One thing that the post-election drinks provide is a chance to catch up on the gossip.

What I learned today is this:

When the Tories claim that ‘Horsham GPs’ support their Campaign for Pease Pottage Hospital, they mean that 11 GPs (out of 40) support it. My maths may be a bit hazy (it’s been 12 years since I sat that degree), but 27% is not a majority. Given that several of those GPs also work in the same practice as one of the authors of their report, it’s an even less impressive endorsement.

Also on the c4pph, one of the authors of their report was Adrian Brown. When I asked Henry Smith who he was, he described his background in general terms. What he omitted to mention was that Mr Brown was sacked from East Surrey Hospital when the finances were going down the tubes a few years back.

Lorraine Matthews was until recently involved in the project to decide whether or not to transfer out Council Housing in Crawley. She was the chair of the Tenants Panel, and there were strong suggestions that she was far more keen on transfer than the average tenant. She will now be working for the Council in a brand new post as ‘Community Engagement Manager’. Who created this post? How does it chime with the Tory agenda to cut out ‘superfluous’ posts at the Town Hall?

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