Local Elections 3 May – Don’t forget to vote!

(and vote Labour)

In Crawley, it is pretty much a straight contest between Labour and the Tories in all seats (except for Northgate, which is solidly Lib Dem).

Some seats have a BNP candidate, and it is vital that they not get a foothold in Crawley.

The Labour candidates for the Crawley wards this year are:

  • Bewbush:
    Chris CHESHIRE
  • Furnace Green (2 votes): TT *
  • Gossops Green: T
    Chris MULLINS
  • Ifield: *
    John STANLEY

  • Langley Green:
    David SHREEVES
  • Maidenbower: T
    Ron FINCH
  • Northgate:
    Bill WARD

  • Pound Hill Nth: T
    Jasmin SAMSON
  • Pound Hill Sth & Worth: T
    Colin MOFFATT
  • Southgate: *
    Ian IRVINE
  • Three Bridges:
    Daryl ENGLISH

  • Tilgate: *
    Jayne SKUDDER

Where the BNP are standing, I have marked the ward with *. Where the Conservatives currently hold the seat(s), I have marked the ward with a T (for Targetting Tories).

With the Council on a knife edge (Conservatives 1 seat short of a majority), and several close contests, every vote could count. In Southgate, we had results within 3 votes two years running. Crawley has had two elections result in dead heats in the last ten years.

So, if you want to lift the threat of higher charges for tenants (with lower standards of upkeep for council houses), if you want to safeguard local services, if you want to see improvements, then Vote Labour to keep the Tories out.

Best of luck to all of our candidates tomorrow. I will be out and about in Southgate, where we are working to re-elect a hard working councillor Ian Irvine.

2 Responses to “Local Elections 3 May – Don’t forget to vote!”

  1. Skuds Says:

    Hang on… I think your asterisks are in the wrong place. BNP are not standing in Bewbush, but are in Ifield, Tilgate and Southgate.

    Nice to see my street supplying 4 candidates out of 13

  2. Danivon Says:

    Yeah I know (hastily fixes asterisks)

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