Technical Woe

What a fortnight I’ve had!

Two weeks ago, I dropped my laptop and broke it. Luckily the main parts worked – processor, hard drive, networking – but the screen and monitor output were dead. Crawley Computer Centre and my home insurance both told me it was ‘beyond economic repair’. So I had to wait for that to be confirmed and a replacement to be sent out.

In the meantime, I had to use my old desktops. I have two, because neither can handle being connected to the internet for long before throwing a wobbly, and one can handle some sites while the other refuses to see them (and vice versa). This meant it took ages just to read emails, and the only reliable way to post here was the Blogger email interface.

Then, the phone line went on the blink, my MP3 player decided to take a dislike to a large number of tracks (which I can’t refresh, because I used the old, dead laptop to burn them), the internet stopped working completely and my car battery went flat.

Now, the new laptop has arrived, all of the other bits are fixed (except the MP3 thing), and everything is lovely.

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