Another CiF piece

I had another article published on CiF today. Now that the site is up, I can link to it: The law of Average Joes

Again, the title wasn’t mine (I prefer mine – “Let us all vote in parliament”), and the standfirst was added in.

As it went up while I was at work, I wasn’t able to respond to the comments until I got home, but that gave me the opportunity to produce a longer answer

I have also seen one response elsewhere – ‘average_joe/common ‘tator where I think they call me a potato. They definitely call the piece ‘half-arsed’. I spent ages on that, and they didn’t even read it properly as far as I can tell.

2 Responses to “Another CiF piece”

  1. MVCsteve Says:

    Well I read it a bit closer this time. Here’s another responseto the issues you raised. I reckon “half-arsed” is a fairly friendly jibe in blogosperic terms. Maybe half-baked would have been better, but perhaps that just brings us back to potatoes…

  2. Danivon Says:

    Fair enough. Mind you, I posted a comment in reply and it hasn’t appeared, which is somewhat at odds with your seeming umbridge at CiF deleting your comments on their blog…

    Or don’t you guys check your comment queue very often? I hope you don’t work at the ERS, as they count the ballots for my union elections.

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