Crawley Tories lose their Head

Fresh from Skuds, and supplemented by the Lib Dems, the story of how Marcella Head has defected from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrats, meaning that Crawley Borough Council now has no majority group:

Conservatives: 18
Labour: 16
Liberal Democrats: 3

The Lib Dems now hold the balance of power and could, if they wanted, cause the Tories to lose their cabinet seats. What will actually happen? Perhaps the main area of change will be on the Housing Transfer, but it’s a bit late to do much about that now.

4 Responses to “Crawley Tories lose their Head”

  1. Richard W. Symonds Says:

    It appears that the Lib Dems have won the By-Election in Denne (Horsham) – beating the NewLaborCons and the BNP – which means that the Lib Dems look set for a little renaissance period locally, perhaps – that’s in spite of their national leadership, not because of it.

  2. Skuds Says:

    Didn’t the Lib Dems hold the seat before anyway? I know they have a few seats in central Horsham.

    Anyway – nice subject line. I wish I had thought of it damn you!

  3. Richard Says:

    Yes, Lib Dems held the seat at Denne…and do you remember Richard Trower, the BNP candidate (171 votes) ?!

  4. Danivon Says:

    I was hoping that a local paper would also think of it, so I could call ‘plagiarism’.

    I know Richard Trower, he lives not a million miles from me and I drive past his company most days. It’s all I can do to avoid petty acts of annoyance.

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