Selling off the team


Six months ago, Crawley Town was bought out by the ‘SA Group’. They own a few bars and restaurants around the county, and don’t seem to have any football experience. When they turned up they said the plan was to conver to full time Professional status over the season, then they suddenly decided to do it in August, causing chaos as some players weren’t prepared to leave their day jobs.

After a reasonable start, the club were sliding down the table, so the long serving, successful and popular manager Vines was sacked, Alan Mullery was brought in to consult and his mate John Hollins got the job. Still second from bottom, but games are close (and have been all season).

Suddenly today the whole team are up for sale, their wages are cut (and I expect they are all getting advice from the PFA about breaches of contract).

I’m reading the comments on the boards – a protest of some kind is being discussed – probably a boycott of ‘Redz’ and a demonstration before and after the game.

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