The real reason is that when I have been on the PC, I’ve been looking for work on the company intrant, checkin my emails and playing strategy games. Mainly this one: Warring Factions It’s a real-time (ie: things happen while you are logged off) Multiplayer space war game with resources and alliances and lots of planets to explore. It takes up about half an hour just checking up on my colonies and keeping my people happy, and I haven’t even started on building up a fleet to fight people with…

Well, once I get back to work, that will stop, and I can get back to real-world affairs.

Like, why are people in Crawley such a bunch of whinging moaners?

One Response to “Besides…”

  1. Skuds Says:

    Hmmm… playing RTS games with resources and alliances… building empires… trying to keep the people happy…

    You sure you are not missing being a councillor after all?

    And people in Crawley are such a bunch of whinging moaners because of the malign influence of the Daily Mail – although up here in Broadfield Village we are pretty content compared to certain other parts of town who insist their area is better and think the way to prove it is better is by complaining about it all the time.

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