After a third recount, with the majority hovering around the mid-30s each time, Crawley has finally been called.

Laura Moffatt (Labour) 16,411 votes
39.1 percentage of vote -10.2 change in percentage since 2001
Henry Smith (Conservative) 16,374
39.0 +6.8
Rupert Sheard (Liberal Democrat) 6,503
15.5 +2.8
Richard Trower (British National Party) 1,277
3.0 +3.0
Ronald Walters (UK Independence Party) 935
2.2 -0.7
Robin Burnham (Democratic Socialist Alliance – People Before Profit) 263
0.6 +0.6
Arshad Khan (Justice Party) 210
0.5 -0.2

An 8.5% swing, resulting in Laura’s majority falling from 6770 to 37. This must now be one of the closest seats in the country.

Good to see Arshad Khan at the bottom of the list, it was embarrasing for the left-wing groups last time to have lost to him. Shame that there are over 1000 people who are prepared to vote fascist.

4 Responses to “finally…”

  1. Skuds Says:

    You should have come along – it was dead exciting!

    By the 3rd recount we were scrutinising every (Tory) ballot paper to make sure it had the official mark.

    I’m glad its all over though….

  2. Skuds Says:

    The county results were:

    Tories held Pound Hill – but Jayne & Eugene got about 2,300 votes each.

    Tories gained Furnace Green/Tilgate (Duncan Crow)

    Labour held onto the rest. Broadfield was pretty sound (1800 Labour to 1200 Tory).

  3. Ricky Roughneck Says:

    Can’t think why all these arseholes would still vote Labour.

    I know the average mug in the street is pretty daft but it does make you think they have a death wish.

  4. Danivon Says:

    Hello ‘ricky roughneck’. What a charming fellow you are, calling people ‘arseholes’.

    Are you saying that Labour plans to kill us all? In what way? Or are you implying that if people continue to elect Labour governments that you or others will exact revenge?

    Still, I’m sure that an ordinary voter will be happy to see that there are people who think that the average briton is daft, and I hope that they note which political party they don’t support.

    Who do you vote for, rr? So that average people may know what kind of person holds them in contempt, and perhaps avoid them in future.


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