Mathematically Safe?

Today I went out to deliver leaflets for the election. While I may not like Blair, there’s no way I want Howard running the country, so not only do I vote but I put in a bit of effort too.

Walking around Southgate gives me time to think about things. On Saturday, Fulham beat Everton 2-0 to ensure that they cannot be relegated from the Premiership. Which is good timing because the teams below are all very close to each other and will all trying to grab as many points as possible. This means that Fulham gets another year of top-flight football. Guaranteed by 38 points.

On Thursday, I am hoping that Labour will win the election. 38% of the vote would be enough to secure another four years. And getting that will be tough. The marginals look tighter (in other words Liberals are less likely to vote tactically), the Tories are trying to pull out their core vote with a mixture of xenophobia and false humilty.

We can’t afford to mess about – a General Election isn’t just an excuse to act out frustrations, or for trying to engineer a ‘bloody nose’ for Blair. In any election the favourite can lose. And the electorate gets what it voted for.

So thats why I was out delivering letters to Labour supporters – because if they stay at home or tranfer their vote in a fit of pique, they could end up with a Tory MP and no Labour government. If there were a genuine democratic socialist alternative to New Labour, I’d support that (and I do – inside the Party). But as there isn’t, a vote for anyone other than Laura is a vote for Michael Howard.

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