Nose pegs

I have already voted in the UK general election. Having been a Labour Party member for 15 years, having represented the party as a councillor and as Constituency chairman in the past it should be a no brainer.

And as Crawley is a marginal Labour seat, all the more reason not to think twice. So I didn’t.

But voting for Laura Moffat wasn’t easy. Well, it was technically easy, I put a cross against her name, put the ballot paper into an envelope, put that envelope into a second and dropped it into a postbox on the way into town.

It’s not that I have anything against Laura. She’s a decent person, a great constituency MP and we get on well. And I don’t blame her for the problems over Crawley Hospital. It’s just that she has been incredibly loyal to Tony Blair. And my main problem with the Party is its leader.

Yes, he won the 97 election, but a monkey in a suit and a ‘Not a Tory’ badge could have done that. Yes he won the 01 election (as would the same monkey). But he isn’t presiding over a Labour government, it’s a Tory-lite government. We’ve finally got to the point where Labour has proved that it can run a Conservative regime better than the Tories.

Oh, I could go on for hours about this, but you get the general gist.

By the way – Brown is no better. Neither is Prescott.

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